Sustainable recruitment of volunteers

 ( Photo: Eivind Høstmark Borge)

As part of ISSW Troms County Municipality is excited to offer a workshop focused on the themes of volunteerism, outdoor life and public health.

Troms County is a popular destination for ski and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world, and many locals have their playground in the mountains. This necessitates a significant rescue capacity to save those who get injured or caught in avalanches, as well as good strategies for prevention and knowledge. A large part of the rescue operations and prevention work relies on the assistance of volunteer organizations, but recruiting enough members for these can be challenging.

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Saturday 28 September 2024

12:30 – 15:30

Building: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Medical Health Facutly Building 2 (google maps). Room: MH2 U.09.309 (mazemap)

Workshop highlights

  • Volunteerism and avalanche issues: Explore the critical role of volunteers in avalanche prevention, rescue operations, and community education.
  • Recruitment strategies: Discuss challenges and opportunities in recruiting and retaining volunteers for outdoor and emergency services.
  • Experience sharing: Hear from various organizations as they share their experiences and best practices in volunteer management and engagement.
  • Networking opportunity: Connect with peers, expand your professional network, and foster collaborations within the field of snow science and prevention work towards a sustainable outdoor business.

Target audience

  • This workshop is designed for rescue personnel, tour leaders and volunteers in Troms. It aims to provide valuable insights and foster discussions relevant to those actively involved in prevention, emergency services and volunteer organizations within the region.


  • Presentations: Engage with speakers from different organizations as they present their insights and experiences.
  • Interactive sessions: Participate in hands-on discussions and collaborative activities aimed at addressing key issues and finding innovative solutions.