Accidents in alpine terrain and polar night

In this excursion, we will travel to one of Tromsø's most popular ski and snowboard destinations on the island of Kvaløya. Unfortunately, the area is also known for many avalanche accidents where the rescue service has been challenged by the region’s harsh Arctic conditions and polar night. 
Here we will meet representatives from the entire chain of the rescue service, from professionals and volunteers who work in the field, to representatives in the rescue helicopter service, to definitive care professionals at the university hospital. We will learn more about how the rescue service works hard to save as many lives as possible within the boundaries of acceptable risk. To illustrate some of the new technology available to the rescuers, the excursion will include demonstrations of drone searches with a transmitter/receiver and mobile searches. 

Date: Wednesday 25 September
Cost: 850 NOK (incl. lunch) 
Duration: full day (8-16) 
Max. participants: 40