Avalanche Impacts on Cables & Tall Structures

Infrastructure around the world utilizes catenary cables, including conductors and tramways along with tall structures that support them. Power transmission lines through remote areas often exposes conductor spans to powder impacts and the towers to dense flowing avalanche impacts.

Our understanding of avalanche impacts on cableways, conductors and supporting towers is not complete. The goal of this workshop is to present some of the existing case studies, as well as to provide an interactive platform to share ideas on how to model avalanche impacts to cables and tower structures, and describe practical solutions to this problem. We also hope to identify data gaps in our understanding and to guide data collections, potential research projects and collaborations to help answer some of these important questions.

Workshop Format
The workshop would begin with short 5-10 minute presentations focused on case studies with a moderator to help address questions as well as guide a discussion. We will solicit presenters with case studies that range from modelling, engineering, data collection and monitoring to specific avalanche events that have occurred on cableway infrastructure. The length of the workshop would vary depending upon the number of presentations, but ideally we can get at least 4 presentations of approximately 10 minutes each and have a 1-hour discussion to follow.

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Saturday 28 September 2024

08:30 – 11:30

Building: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Medical Health Facutly Building 1 (google maps)
Room: Auditorium 10 (MHU7.126) (mazemap)