How should we teach human aspects in avalanche courses?

 ( Photo: Richard Fjellaksel)


Saturday 28 September 2024

12:30 – 15:30

Building: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Medical Health Facutly Building 2 (google maps). Room: MH2 U.10.306 + U.10.308 (mazemap)

About the workshop

Human aspects in avalanche education may be marginalized in traditional curricula, possibly due to their inherently abstract and complex nature. In this workshop, we aim to explore and emphasize the importance of addressing the human aspect in avalanche education. By participating, you stand to gain several key benefits:

  1. Teaching human factors in avalanche courses - Learning what works and what doesn’t
  2. Collaborative solutions to teaching decision making
  3. Learning a framework for the evolution of decision-making improvement in avalanche terrain.

The workshop will be organized into collaborative work groups, individual tasks and lecture on teaching human aspects in avalanche education.

  • How are people teaching/being taught about decision making and human factors on avalanche courses? 
  • What are the most effective ways of managing personal and group human factors, based on people’s experience? 
  • Moving forward, what are some ways to improve decision making in students and minimize the negative effects of human factors?

After compiling the results, Ian McCammon will deliver a brief presentation on: “Human factors in avalanche terrain: Past, and future”

This workshop is best suited for those who have some experience in avalanche education.