What´s the (human) problem?

 ( Photo: Martin Andersen)

In this workshop we will explore if we can sketch out a shared language of the problem of humans in avalanche terrain, maybe even outlines of a new conceptual model. The workshop will combine group work, discussion and short presentations. We hope to use the workshop and it´s results in further research.


Saturday 28 September 2024

08:30 – 11:30

Building: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Medical Health Facutly Building 2 (google maps). Room: MH2 U.10.306 + U.10.308 (mazemap)

About the workshop

Join us in the interesting fun of unraveling the "human factor" in avalanche research at our upcoming workshop! As we all know, it's not just the snowpack dynamics, weather patterns, and tricky terrain that make up our mountain adventures—we, the humans, play a pivotal role. 

Back in 2004, Roger Atkins pioneered a model for understanding avalanches through natural factors. We think it's our turn to craft a similar playbook for human factors. Let’s stop wondering if humans are a problem (spoiler: we are!) and start figuring out how to integrate this knowledge into our avalanche safety protocols.

We’re calling on all brainy enthusiasts from ISSW24 and the broader avalanche community to help us forge a shared language that moves beyond theory and into action. Whether you’re a researcher, a practitioner, or just someone who loves the thrill of discussions, your insights are crucial.

Join us in the aspirations of sketching out a new conceptual model that addresses how we think, communicate, and manage the human element in avalanche terrain. This workshop isn’t just a meeting of minds — it’s a collaborative quest to enhance safety and understanding.

Gear up for an engaging, thought-provoking gathering where your contributions can lead to actionable insights. Together, we’re smarter, safer, and more hard-punching. 

Don't miss out — be there to help us map out the human aspect of avalanche safety.

Welcome aboard!